Beast remote works with Apache / Havoc/Aurora

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  • Fixed speed road cruise
  • Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection etc
  • Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometers
  • Control the skateboards turn on and off 

Customer Reviews

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Great remote control

I'm glad that this remote control was included in the kit.
- I noticed that it automatically maintains the desired speed on the descent when the longboard tries to accelerate itself. Even if I hold the throttle to maximum, it will not exceed the set gear speed. This is a very smart and useful feature.
- it has vibration. This is very convenient when changing gears on the go or receiving low battery notifications.
-The throttle wheel allows you to control the speed very precisely.
- tenacious body. I even wet it a little to clean it.
- lanyard of the correct size
There is only one drawback: the screen is hard to see in the sun. I know that they learned to make good ones on the clock.