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Beast -Viper Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

The Viper has a (432WH) high-performance lithium-ion battery with a top speed of 47KM/h and a range of 36-46KM. Its most distinctive wind wheel provides a unique cushioning effect that feels like gliding over clouds.2 x 750w High Torque Motors, supplied by Hobbywing, with incredible power,It offers great power, at $599, and is the most cost effective electric skateboard on the market!

Viper Airless Wind Wheels

Viper Airless 110mm wheels maximising full road damper cushioning urban terrain and patented design.Which were exceedingly impressive giving a more stable smooth ride than other contemporary wheels of its kind.They just absorbed all sorts of cracks made those slightly rough roads turn into nice smooth roads.Let us have a try if you want.