Q:When my order will be sent out after payment?

A:we will take delivery your order within 1-2 working days,we ship from Monday to Sunday.

Q:Can i choose the shipping method if i need them more quickly

A:Yes, if you want them more quickly you can contact us and communicate the shipping method and accordingly cost. As usual , if no specific demand, we will choose the common shipping method(SEA/TRAIN/AIR +UPS )

Q:Do I need to pay for tax of our purchase ? 

A:Our shipping price have included the tax for US Canada,most of Europe countries for the whole board,we try our best choose the shipping according to your demand.

Q:when can i get the tracking number ? whether i can change my shipping Address?

A:we will fill the tracking number once taking delivery, and you will receive a shipping notification . 

Before we take delivery you can contact for updating the new address, as usual we will finish your order according to your payment address, so please confirm your shipping address once you have place the order.
How much weight can carry?
The max load of Apsuboard is 280 pounds (150kg).
We do recommend a max weight of 264 pounds (120kg) and below, as weights above that might have an impact on performance and speed

How do you make such a great product at such a low price?
We don't have any advertisement or operating expenses at the moment trying to build the Apsu Borad brand. This means the board is currently sold at an extremely low profit margin, but still keeping a high quality of the components to assembly.
We hope to attract new customers with our low price and certified components like our Samsung battery, reliable motors, quality ESC and so on. We believe that maintaining a low price and a high quality will make the consumers recognize our brand and support us continuously in the future. Thank you!